Works of the Week

This Week

I’ve always enjoyed working small—it’s great for fleshing out new ideas, for keeping the creative energy flowing, and for simply enjoying the beauty of paint and painting. When I returned to my studio in December of 2023, after several months away, I began by “warming up” with some little paintings on paper, just stretching my painting muscles without forethought or agenda. While this is a purely intuitive exercise, there are nevertheless decisions that are made, even if they are subconscious. So in the end these works, though small, are thoroughly considered and complete. I decided that continuing to make these little paintings would be a positive addition to my studio practice, and I am making them available directly on this website.

The Details

Each week there will be two new paintings on paper ( 7″ x 5″ and 10″ x 8″) and one painting on wood panel (12″ x 12″). They are priced at $200, $400, and $600 respectively, and shipping is complimentary within the continental U.S. This is an opportunity to own a small but unique painting at a very modest price.

The works on paper are standard sizes, so they can be inexpensively framed. The 12″ x 12″ paintings on panel do not require framing—they are wired and ready to hang.

To purchase, simply click the Purchase button on the page of any of these paintings, and proceed to check out. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the Contact page on this site.

It is my intention to continue this project through the end of this year (2024), but there are no guarantees!