Paintings & Drawings by Clay Johnson



works on paper

From the Studio

Time to Catch My Breath

It’s been a while since my last studio log entry, and a lot of paintings have come and gone. With my show at Elins Eagles-Smith in November, the show that’s currently up at William Havu Gallery, and various other requests for new work, the last several …

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On Painting

Art and Darwin

I don’t put a lot of stock in inspiration. I’m more interested in evolution. My methodology is to work and re-work a painting until its past and present fuse into something I could not have predicted at the start; something I could not have been inspir …

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New Acquisitions at UW Art Museum

Lesson 1, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 48″ I’m very pleased to be included in the New Acquisitions exhibition at the University of Wyoming Art Museum. This particular painting (Lesson 1) I feel is strongly influenced by my surroundings here in Wyomin …

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Life of Clay

After moving to Laramie, Wyoming in 2014 and setting up a new studio, Clay is now hard at work on a new series of paintings. The new work can be seen at Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery in San Francisco and William Havu Gallery in Denver.

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